Would you like one-on-one support to overcome a sticky challenge, achieve a goal or simply have someone on your team as you design your own life?

I also work as a parenting and life coach and can personally attest to the power of having regular sessions with a trained Coach who can guide you towards your inner wisdom. 

Coaching sessions are all about you. Together we can work through your personal hopes, goals and challenges using mindfulness-based tools that can achieve powerful results in your life.

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And if you just want to get out of your head and into your heart you can join my  Mindfulness Retreats & Classes,  or Heart Intentions Womens Circle 

Or if you live in Port Macquarie my Tribal Belly Dance or Chakradance workshops. These ancient mindfulness practices and dance forms are not only fun but incredibly healing. 

Get ready to flourish!
Resilience & Wellbeing
Parents, educators and children are busier than ever before.

The world has never moved at a faster pace. There has never before been so many distractions or so much pressure to manage everything perfectly.

My mission is to support parents, educators and children/teens to live in this world with resilience and a deep sense of wellbeing.

I run workshops teaching parents and educators practical tools for approaching life’s challenges with mindfulness and social and emotional skills. They can then teach these tools to children and teens.

The workshops are based on my training in mindfulness, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Training), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), life-coaching and evidence based parenting and social and emotional learning programs.

Parents and educators emerge from the workshops with mindfulness tools and effective communication/teaching strategies they can apply to their home and work lives with immediate benefit.

Find out about my current workshops here.

I also teach online workshops / courses here.

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Client Testimonials

‘I walked away from the session feeling refreshed, clear-minded, and with a few clear goals tucked under my wing, I felt ready to take on the world (or at least my world). I also left with an armful of practical tips to get through each day in a calm and centered way (without having to sit on my meditation cushion for an hour a day)… Perfect for a busy Mumma like me.’ – Jodie F., 2016

Hi Sara,
Thanks again for today. I found the coaching so helpful and I was able to see things from a different perspective. The session gave me motivation to change which is what I really needed.
The first afternoon of putting strategies into place was "perfect"!!! I know it won't always be smooth sailing but X was a different kid! So thank you, I'm very happy!
I can't wait to watch the videos. They sound very interesting. The courses look amazing! Something I'm definitely interested in further down the track.
Have a great weekend and I look forward to our session next week.
Krystal :-)
About Sara & Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching

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Benefits of Mindfulness (Hall, 2013):
• Enhanced focus and attention
• Improved decision-making ability
• Increased self-awareness and awareness of others
• Higher levels of resilience and emotional intelligence
• Strengthened cognitive effectiveness
• Improved performance
• Heightened ability to manage and prevent stress
• Increased well-being
• Greater creativity      
Why not explore mindfulness more within a coaching or workshop session? For a consultation or more information, please call us on 0458 231 968

Mindfulness, Connection & Joy
within your self, 
in your life
& with your kids

Benefits of Life Coaching:
• Improved work performance and satisfaction
• Improved self-confidence
• Improved relationships
• Improved communication skills
• Improved work/life balance
• Improved time management
• Attainment of relevant goals
• 99% of clients somewhat or very satisfied with overall experience, and 96% would repeat the process

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