Dance To Soothe Your Soul

Chakradance is truly a gift to yourself, and each week you will leave with insights into your own body, heart & soul...

'CHAKRADANCE is a healing dance practice. It is unique because it uses spontaneous dance for the purpose of healing. There is no right or wrong way to CHAKRADANCE. It’s a journey of self-discovery. Each chakra is explored through specific music, guided imagery and your own free, improvised dance, done with your eyes softly closed'. 

More Info: 

7 Keys To Freedom
Venue: Port Dance Studio, 8 Milton Circuit, Port Macquarie 
$15 Earlybird, $20 

7 Keys to Freedom is a beautiful introduction to Chakradance - it is spontaneous dance in a beautiful safe setting with guided imagery to very specific music designed to release and heal each chakra. We will finish with a Full Moon meditation 
BOOK NOW: 7 Keys To Freedom
Earlybird price, $15,
Book Now before Tuesday 9th May & go into the draw for a 1:1 Chakradance Coaching session! 
To Explore Chakradance More:
A great article by Natalie Southgate, founder of Chakradance is here

What is Chakradance and a FREE 15 Minute sample class is here
Chakradance AWAKENING series 
9 weeks Thursdays, Term 3, TBA  
Each class will be 90 minutes long from 530-7pm. 
$180 for the block of 9 classes
Only $165 if you book early.

We start with a meditation, do a check in, then a warm up and a brief tuning into each of the 7 chakras. Then each week we will explore each chakra in more depth, with specifically designed music. After each dance we draw a mandala of our dance experience, check in and then do an integration meditation to finish.

BOOK NOW: Chakradance 9 week AWAKENING Series 
BOOK NOW: Chakradance AWAKENING Series 
9 weeks $180

Private 1:1 Chakradance
In privacy be guided through Chakradance and deeply explore any obstacles / resistance,  insights and healing.  This can be part of a life coaching session.
Phone Sara for more info: 0458231968
Chakradance at Your Festival / Retreat
I love sharing my love of Chakradance - let me know if you would like me to run an Introduction to Chakradance or more at your retreat or festival :)
Chakradance at Soul Sisters Retreat
So excited to be offering an Introduction to Chakradance as part of the Soul Sisters Retreat on 13th May.  More info here:
Chakradance at EKAM Yoga Festival
I'm so excited to be offering an Introduction to Chakradance as part of the Ekam Yoga Festival on 2nd & 3rd September this year :)

Chakradance Testimonials

'Firstly, your space felt beautiful … so sacred and healing. I loved listening to your introduction and all of your lead-ins to the meditations, warm-up
and dances. You feel like such a natural Facilitator. I could really feel your energy as you guided the group, and I could also feel how present you were
for everyone there. I really loved your comment “thank you mind, I’m here for my soul” - wonderful! Overall, I could feel how much you have embodied
Chakradance and the training'. Natalie Southgate

'Ah thanks Sara it was a great feeling and we buzzed afterwards too. Thanks for the tips on the music. As I said, you facilitate with a refreshing earthy, genuine conviction and I feel safe and able to free up in your class'. Sati

'Thanks so much was really lovely, and I'm glad we made the effort to get there. We're still enjoying looking at the mandalas and finding what is hidden within ❤ ' Alicia

'Thank you Sara really enjoyed the evening. ❤' Kareen

Tribal Belly Dancing Classes

Take some time out for you! Have some fun and laughs as you learn these simple and powerful tribal dance steps from around the world.
Perfect for all fitness levels and beginners, 
We explore what it is like to move our bodies
 in a mindful way to world music with a great group of women.

Tuesdays 5:45pm -645pm  5 weeks
Start 2nd March
Also in May, August & November 2017
$75  for 5 classes

Tribal Belly Dance Testimonials

Loved my first belly dancing class...lovely ladies and very friendly. Was so much fun....can't wait till next week. Wendy 2016

'First tribal belly dance class last night! Can't recommend it enough!! Sara is so thoughtful and makes it really fun and no pressure. Great exercise too (I'm a leeeetle bit sore) ' Jehni  2016

Benefits Of Mindfulness (Hall, 2013):
• Enhanced focus and attention
• Improved decision-making ability
• Increased self-awareness and awareness of others
• Higher levels of resilience and emotional intelligence
• Strengthened cognitive effectiveness
• Improved performance
• Heightened ability to manage and prevent stress
• Increased well-being
• Greater creativity     

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