Mindful Parenting For 1-5's

10 TOP TIPS for THRIVING in School

5 TIPS for getting ready in the morning
5 Tips for having easy transitions in the afternoon
to make starting school easier for everyone!

Designed for parents of children who are starting or have started Kinder. Starting the first year of full-time school can be a HUGE transition for kids....and can sometimes be a bumpy ride for parents!

Many parents I see in parent coaching struggle with how to get their kids ready in the mornings or how to help kids transition smoothly from school to home in the afternoons and these strategies can really help!!

Sea Acres Meeting Room
$20pp, Numbers limited BOOK EARLY!

Arrange this workshop at your preschool or school

This workshop is 1 hour, $20 per parent (partner / spouse can come for free), 15 parents minimum or $300 per centre (20 parents max)
The workshop can easily be held at your preschool / childcare centre or school in November or February at a time that suits your parent community.

Surviving 1-5s & Thriving!

10 Easy Tools to Use Daily: Survive meltdowns, engage cooperation & support your child to THRIVE!
Designed for all parents with kids aged 1-5 years old.  I am still forever grateful for the first workshop I attended to help me with my eldest child's meltdowns at approx 2 years of age! 

Lots of these simple mindful parenting strategies are from Positive Discipline and are easy and very effective!  They can make a real difference to your life at home!

TBA, Port Macquarie
$35pp EARLYBIRD PRICE, Numbers limited BOOK EARLY!
Bookings close Monday 19th June

OR Arrange this workshop at your preschool or childcare centre

This workshop is 2 hours, $35 per parent (partner / spouse can come for free) (15 parents min.)
or $550 per centre (30 parents max)
This is the discounted fee for all not for profit organisations. A further discount may be negotiated for multiple workshops.

Your organisation / school can choose to pay for the workshop or charge a discounted fee per person. Some organisations and schools have been able to secure grants to be able to run the workshops. Others have run the workshops as a fundraiser. 


Some lovely feedback from the Thriving At School Workshop at Early Connections Port Macquarie in 2016:
  • I liked the delivery & strategies. It was great to find out about the resources about transition to school (My school & Snapshot of my child)
  • I liked positive stories
  • I liked all the strategies to help calm down, was a great workshop
  • The practical suggestions / strategies. Great workshop thanks. This workshop could be improved by more practical suggestions
  • I liked extra examples and creative ideas for transitioning in morning and afternoons. 
  • I liked everything, very practical
  • I liked notes given, break down
  • I liked interaction with other parents. I thought is was great and very informative, Thanks Sara.
  • I liked most of it, was a great couple of hours
  • I liked the tips for starting school
  • I liked the give your kids 5 mins of attention even when you have lots to do.
If you would like a copy of this poster email Sara sara@mindfulparentingmindfulcoaching.com 
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