Raising Resilient Kids / Teens

Raising Resilient Kids/Teens

An introduction workshop: 

This 2 hour fun interactive workshop will teach you how to:
1. Understand the developing child / teenage brain – and how to keep it healthy!
2. Encourage and teach your chil / teen to be capable & self-reliant 
3. Be both kind & firm with your child / teen and the reasons why this is important
4. Empathise with your child's / teen's BIG emotions (& teach them how to self-soothe / self-regulate emotions)
5. Teach your child / teen how to move from plan A to plan B without drama and be good at problem solving!

With mindfulness practice throughout …

There is a FREE intro to this workshop online: sign up here

Arrange this workshop at your school or highschool or organisation

This workshop is 2 hours, $40 per parent  (15 parents min.)
or $550 per centre / school / organisation  (30 parents max)
This is the discounted fee for all not for profit organisations.  A further discount may be negotiated if you book more than one workshop.

Your organisation / school can choose to pay for the workshop or charge a discounted fee per person.  Some organisations and schools have been able to secure grants to be able to run the workshops.  Others have run the workshops as a fundraiser. 

There are NOW Follow-Up Workshops:
Raising Confident & Communicative Kids /Teens &
Promoting Mental Wellbeing In Teenagers

Or you can tailor make the workshop to suit your school community!

Client Testimonial

What was the best thing about this presentation? 
• Addressed real life issues from a real mother’s point of view. Easily communicated. 
• Realising that I am not alone with my thoughts/processes. 
• Being reassure that other parents are experiencing the same thing as me. 
• Relevant real life examples that all parents have encountered. 
• Relaxed and informal. 
• Being able to understand the structure of emotions and using this to identify and benefit personal situations with my children. 
• Useful points to use with my family. 
• Feeling I wasn’t on my own – I am human. 
• Strategies and advice to be the normal parent that I am, and knowing I am doing the best job I can. 
• Sara was very “real” in her presentation. She lives her advice which is so important from presenters. 
• Personable – easy to share practical ideas. 
Collated feedback from Raising Resilient Kids Workshop at St Josephs Primary School in Kempsey 2016
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