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Online Supportive Community:
Our Mindful Parenting Coaching Facebook community is where we share stories, resources and info on all things related to mindful parenting - feel free to join us!

Our Little Mindful Moments Mindfulness Book Club Community is a supportive community that shares mindfulness practices and resources – feel free to join us!

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen Book

By Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. My most recommended parenting book for easy reading - great strategies - simple cartoons, lists & stories to help with learning new parenting strategies - this book is an oldie but a goodie and has stood the test of time!
$30.00 AUD when sold at a workshop
Contact re: postage and handling if you would like it sent to you.

How To Find Inner Calm & Joy: 
26 mindfulness practices for parents & kids 

There are over 26 different Mindfulness Practices that may be relevant for you and adaptable to use with your kids/teens. There are a range of practices so that you can find what suits you and your family! 

You might like to try each practice daily for a week in the order they appear in the book OR if you’re like me you might want to jump ahead to the practice that appeals to you the most and go from there. 

 Sometimes I will stick with one practice for a while and then when I feel like my mindfulness practice needs a shake-up I will find something new! Sometimes it depends on my mood on the day as to which practice I will turn to!

This is a collection of Mindfulness Practices originally posted in the Mindfulness Practice Online Facebook Group  and Little Mindful Moments Blog in 2016

Cost: $14.50

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A useful mindful strategy: 

Favourite Mindful Parenting Resources
Favourite Mindful Parenting Resources
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Favourite Mindfulness Resources

Favourite Mindfulness Resources
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Phone Helplines:

PARENTLINE: 1300 301 300

PARENTLINE NSW: 1300 1300 52

KIDS HELPLINE: 1800 55 1800 

Family Referral Service: 1800 758 589  

Support For Parents In NSW

Support For NSW Families
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